“Creating engaging and successful video games is a hard and complex endeavor. And with thousands of games and apps out in the market, standing apart from the crowd is more challenging than ever before. That’s one reason why considering the user experience is crucial for developers. It is also about understanding how the end user or player is interacting with your game or app, and verifying that your design intentions are the ones ultimately felt by your audience. UX-focused design is also about saving time and resources, and refining the overall development experience through fast iteration and quickly finding critical issues.

Increasingly more studios embrace UX knowledge, tools, and methodology to guide the development of their games and products. Although the UX mindset is becoming increasingly popular in the industry of videogame, it is only taking its first strides, and we have a lot of catching up to do.

The Game UX Summit, which was first hosted by Epic Games in 2016, and then by Ubisoft Toronto in 2017, is the first professional UX event dedicated to the video games industry. Its purpose is to allow Game UX professionals and advocates to discuss the current state of UX in our industry, share best practices, and spread our love for science and compelling experiences. This summit brings together renowned speakers from various UX-related disciplines: Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, UX Design, User Research, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and more, and is now coming to Europe for the first time in 2018, hosted by the most important French Creative Industries’ cluster Plaine Images in Lille Metropole (France). We hope to see you there!”

Celia Hodent, Game UX Consultant, Game UX Summit Chair       



  The first European Game UX Summit (Durham 2016 / Toronto 2017) will take place in Lille Metropole (France) on 4th of April. It’s a unique opportunity to network around a shared passion for UX in the game industry. Join us !



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Plaine Images, based in Lille, Northern France, is a cluster entirely devoted to moving images in all their forms, and in particular to the creative industries : virtual reality, video games, animation, audiovisual projects, serious games, web development, events, graphic-design, digital marketing, sound-music…
Plaine Images hosts and supports companies of all sizes:from start-ups to international companies and fosters the convergence of know-hows, companies, screens and formats.

Play In Lab helps studios and publishers lacking of time or resources to internalise the key steps ensuring the best possible quality for their games.
We gathered a team of experts in various fields of the video game industry including user research, game design, data analysis, quality assurance and project management.
We are today the only French organization to combine these services in order to offer cross expertise.


Born in 2009 Game IN (Game Industry North) is a non profit trade association : we are collectively supporting business development, training, creativity, innovation for companies, talents and projects in Northern France.Beside gathering the whole local videogame industry and work daily on its influence and standing, we stand as a close expert and representative for our public and private parteners.


Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience and psychology in video game design and in the development of UX strategy and process in game studios.

She is also the founder and curator of the Game UX Summit, which launched in Durham, NC, in May of 2016, hosted by Epic Games.


Game UX Summit Europe

 April 4th 2018

9:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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Event takes place in Plaine Images (Métropole of LILLE)

Imaginarium, Plaine Images, 99 boulevard Descat 59200 Tourcoing - FRANCE


Getting to Plaine Images from Lille

25 minutes from Lille Center : Metro Line 2, "Alsace" station


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(We recommend : hôtel Brueghel / hôtel Kanaï)